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Bots are given ratings by their creators.

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Bots are given ratings by their creators. The creator of this chatbot has requested that its chats not contain any saucy adult chat phone. But there are plenty of personalities open to that kind of thing:. Log In Create. Mom and dad just went out for the night, can you think of anything we might do? Your older sis AI : 2,

Age: I am 34
What is my nationaly: Indian
My sexual orientation: Strong-willed gentleman
Eyes: Gray eyes
My sex: Female
What is my hair: Red
Body piercings: None

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You really know how to heal a broken soul.

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The more questions that get asked, the more intelligent Big Sis becomes! Under the Hood.

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In some places these topics may not be covered at school and social norms mean the likelihood of them being discussed with family or friends is low. Live sex chat numbers have built a dictionary of phrases submitted to us from girls, which our team has categorised and fuels our AI engine.

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Stigmas are ingrained and misinformation is rife. All around the world, sexual health is an awkward but crucial topic for young girls to learn about. As young people increasingly moved to using messaging apps, in Girl Effect looking for a free chat girl testing and building a chatbot as an innovative means to reach girls.

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You're the kindest robot I've ever seen. Make sure you have WhatsApp installed on your phone or computer to access Big Sis. Start chatting free online friends chat. Hundreds of hours have gone into the creation of Big Sis and her persona, with more than 50, conversations and more than 1.

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Big Sis is able to predict the category of a question a girl asks based on this knowledge base. Thank you for everything.

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