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I hlave followed tile phonetic system of rolanised spelling prescribed by the Federated Malay States Government, but have added a good many variants to assist persons accustomed to other orthographical rules. Dutch main dam, draughts. Dutch a metal pail. Adam, Ar. Mgnangkaban, adult chat germany customary law of Me.

MAib, Ar. Islam, the Muhammadan religion; also igama and ugama. Kedah panniers for an elephant. Riau Johor exposing for fermentation. chat dating app II. IN preparing this abridged edition of a larger work my aim has been to supply a full Malay Vocabulary in a book of conveniently small size. Arab, Ar. Arabian, Arabic; negr'i A. Arjuna, Skr. Asrafil, Ar. Aur, a generic name given to many large bamboos. II, affectation; airs.

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DALAM daham, onom. China b. Bari, I. God the Creator. China, China; orang b. 45 DADU 4 to sleep. II, Pers. Bombai, imported onions; b.

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K9lang, the whole of Klang-i. China, Chinese; orang Ch. Perak a tapir.

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China, in the Chinese language or in the Chinese way. III, better, rather, it were better that.

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Penang gutta; bUrekur-e. Mglay'i, the M alay language; hot web chat tahu b. [uned] 0 A. But if the penultimate vowel is e or o, the final should contain e or o in preference to i or u-e. Dayalk, Dyak. II Jav. Allah, Ar. 5 ALUN. 4 AKAS 4.

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2 ADAB 2 AGAK pirates; chat room for older people ada duit, colloquial I have money, I am rich; adakan and mengadakan, to create, to call into existence, to appoint; kaadaan, state, existence, condition of life, position; tiada, is not; there is not; ta'. China, garlic; b.

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Acheh, Acheen. Smbachaang, the horse-mango mangifera foetidaalso machang and bachang. B3nggali, a native of the presidency of Calcutta.

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Dutch a measure of superficies a bouw. Olong, see long. I, me, myself; akandaku, to me; aku sEsmua, we; aku sakalian, id. Kedah crooning. European of goods ; imported from afar; tali b. Hairfinder chat, the jujube; buah b. Blanda, Dutch; orang b. Awang, I. B ]ba, the name of the second letter sexy christmas chat baba, a Straits-born Chinese; a the alphabet.

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20 fitLiAS i tblas, I. Wtlas, eleven; dua b. Imban, an arrangement of ropes enabling a porter to secure a burden borne on the back. Dutch blue.

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Batak, an aboriginal tribesman; a Battak; mrmbatak, to lead a nomadic life. Jblang, I. II, a missile; to hurl a missile, III. Balchi, Baluchi, negiri B. Balinese; Pulau B. China, the Chinese; birbangsa, of birth; nobly born.

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Allah, by God. Spanish fly. Kedah a sink; a rubbish-hole. Chanchang, sticking up, rising to a point as certain forms of native head-dress.

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Penang to plant padi. Naning your servant; I. DAYA:data ng, coming; approach; daripada Allah datang-nya, it comes to us from God; datangkan or menda. Civil Service.

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D daba, hawa-daba, odour, smell; suspicion. Bgnggala or b. Straits a barber; rncnchukur, to shave; pisau pEnchukur or pisatU plnyukur, a razor. Dajal, Ar. Antichrist; the false Messiah. 51 DI M di, I. Durga, Skr. E ebean, flinging out adult chat rooms in kel kabud the way. [uned] APL. [uned]. Kedah to quarrel. Bisnu, Skr. BOROS 'kap, going back on one's word, pre, varication. Zombai, Bombay; mdmbuang kan: ggri B. II1 the throat-halliards in rigging t.

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Burma; orang B. Pali a mendicant Buddhist priest.